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Steel Bins - Leslie Maintenance & Pipefitting

We specialise in the manufacture of Industrial Bins and Kibble Bins.

Steel Bins

Specialising in Industrial Bins and Kibble Bins.

Leslie Maintenance Pipe Fitting make bins for a wide variety of businesses, and as a result, our disposal solutions have to be just as varied. From factories to restaurants, simple retail strips to complex shopping centres - you name the waste problem, we'll provide the solution with a large range of industrial and kibble bins.

  • All sizes are available at the customer's request.
  • We also manufacture bin lids.
  • We can manufacture many other products on your request.

At Leslie Maintenance we make our bins to last using quality materials. Our steel bins are made from 3mm mild steel plate. Ranging in sizes from 1m3 to 10m3. We can manufacture bins to individual requirements or designs. From drop floors to opening fronts you name it we will make it.

Our heavy duty kibble bins can be used for both bottom or side discharge by use of the adjustable chute.

Lever operated from either side, allowing flexible operation. Our steel bins are fitted with fork pockets.